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Aromatherapeutic lotions that makes you feel fresh and balanced during the day. Made with natural products and much love and wonderful properties.


* Peppermint Body Splash: Refreshing, Raise energy levels, relieves itchy skin, relieves headache, relieves symptoms of seasonal allergy of the respiratory system, relieves muscle and join pain, regulates the production of oil in the skin (acneand celulite.


* Lavanda Body Splash: Relaxing and calming properties, promotes a better sleep, relieves pain, antibacterial and antifungal properties, prevents and cures skin problems, relieves insects bites.


* Pachuli and Orange: Brings emotional balance, stimulates immunology the circulation and and uplift the state of mind.


^Frankinsence and citrus: Beatify and rejuvenate the skin, promotes health and cellular immunity, uplift state of mind and eliminates odors.



Body Splash

  • Rub into the palms of your hands and then place your hands like a cup, to inhale. Also, apply on the chakras with gentle and circular massages. Apply as well on the relex points of the neck,

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