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- Our Story -

Little Island Naturals at Derek's Place in Little Corn Island
Little Island Naturals Story
Our Story

Little Island Naturals is a family business located on Little Corn Island with more than 10 years of experience in the production of natural and organic products. Our small company was born from the concern of the massive use of highly toxic products that are consumed on the planet. Both, our body products and our household cleaning products are made with great care, so that they are truly effective and environmentally friendly. The idea of ​​making our own natural products was first for use in our small eco-lodge, Derek's Place. Being able to be a little more self-sustaining and at the same time take care of Mother Earth, is something that has always filled us with satisfaction.

Our mission: Protect the planet, inspire the community with ecological, sustainable and self-sufficiency practices through the elaboration of natural and holistic products.


Our vision: Put our boundless creativity and passion to work, inspire a greener community with our products, and create an environmentally conscious and loving future.

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