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Our natural shower liquid soap can be use as a hand soap. It made from a blend of Coconut and Olive Oil.  Created for daily use as it is very gentle on the skin respecting the natural pH. Delivers a rich, creamy cleanse.   Transform your shower into an automatic luxurious experience.

Lemongrass Essential Oil nourishes and rejuvenates, leaving skin naturally clean, smelling fresh and feeling invigorated.

Lemongrass Natural Shower Gel Soap Gallon

SKU: SHG0020
  • 1 Gallon plastic bottle

    NOTE: Gallon size is the most ecologic option. Recomended to refill dispensers at home, for hotels, restaurants, etc.

    * Very soft foam.

    * Recommended for all skin types.

    * Vegan

    * High Quality essential oils

    * Sulfate-free.

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