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This is 100% natural liquid dish washing soap made with Coconut oil and Lemon Essential Oil. Lemon has many properties that ensure clean dishes, from the citric acids that help to remove mineral and hard water deposits to the lemon oil in the rind with bacterial and cleaning properties. This dishwashing soap takes all the grease in your dishes, leaving them shining without soap stains and the best is that this soap wont leave any perfume, so you wont taste the unpleasant clean taste that the comercial dishwashing detergents leave behind.

Liquid Dish Washing Soap Gallon

SKU: DWS0038
  • 1 Gallon plastic bottle

    NOTE: We only use high quality Lemon Essential Oil.


    * Eco Friendly

    * Clean and sparkling dishes.

    * Recomended for sensitive skin.

    *  Free of chemicals

    * Vegan

    * Biodegradable

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