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Our Organic Shampoo for dogs is hypoallergenic, and organic, and leaves your dog clean and free from odours. The ingredients have been curated to tackle issues we as dog owners understand. It soothes and protects your dog’s coat whilst naturally repels fleas and ticks. Suitable for all dog breeds, including puppies.

Organic Dog Shampoo 17oz

  • 17oz PET plastic bottle wi/ pump dispenser cap

    Active ingredients: Coconut oil, Neem OIl, Lavanda, Eucaliptus and Citronella Essential Oils

    Application: Massage generously into a soaked, well-brushed coat. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and towel dry.


    * Plant powered

    * Made natural essential oils

    * Made without phenols. Clove free.

    * Vegan

    * Eco-friendly

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